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 Soldier Front

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PostSubject: Soldier Front   Sun 03 May 2009, 19:45

I could see people from our legion and allies legions area afk the whole time because of the boredom, well i thought of it, and now its sorted
there is a shooting game called Soldier Front its similar to Counter Strike and Call Of Duty and online game.
its easy for everyone and so fun to play. ill now talk about the main info

Type of Games:
-Single Battle: this is the type of a game were u should kill everyone its called Free For All in Call Of Duty.
-Team Battle: This type of a game is were u should kill the enemy whether u were in an side, but if u were red u should kill the blue team or have to do the mission u've been asked for; if u were on the blue team u'll have to kill the red team and keep them away from doing their mission.
and when u r killed u'll have to wait till the whole team is killed.
-Team Death Match: This type of a game were u would respawn everytime u r killed the mission is to get 100 points whether u were on blue or red team.
-CTC: This is the type of a game were u respawn eveerytime killed, a team captain will be randomly chosen among both teams, he starts with 1000HP and if the other captain was attack he would add hp or decrease if was attacked.
-Clan Battle: This type i still didn't try but probably same as Team Battle but 2clans challenging each other.
-Training: DUH!

There r alot types of weaps such as Snipers, Rifles, Pistols, Shotgun, Grenades, FlashBomb, and SmokeBomb.

It's a ranking type u get the money by collecting points from your kills ranking is hard.

The game site is sfront.ijji.com

Let's play this game other than afk because of boredom Smile

If u were interested in it plz tell me ill start a clan calling it WOC Razz ty
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Soldier Front
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